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WB Moore Company

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916 North Poplar Street
Charlotte, NC


15,267 sf

McClure Nicholson Montgomery Architects

Going Underground

Working with McClure Nicholson Montgomery Architects on North Carolina’s first LEED Platinum Certified renovation, Tyler 2 knew our reputation as problem-solvers was on the line. The project for electrical contractor WB Moore Company involved the 15,267 sf expansion, renovation and exterior improvements to a two-story office building, including new HVAC system and roof reinforcements, sprinkler system, window replacement and upgrades to restrooms and break room.

The challenge:

This project had three significant challenges:

  1. WB Moore had to remain open during construction.
  2. The project sought LEED Platinum certification, a rigorous process.
  3. The City of Charlotte planned to upgrade the storm sewer system—a year later—which would mean tearing up the new parking lot.

Adding to the fun was the discovery of unsuitable soil in the existing parking lot, which meant removal of several feet of soil.

The end result:

Keeping the business open is a challenge we encounter regularly. And the LEED certification actually dovetailed with solving that issue: We planned the work in three phases, with each area fully complete and commissioned for the LEED certification before we began the next phase. Temporary walls were constructed to prevent any contamination into the new areas. We did not lose any credits during these project phases securing the first LEED Platinum Certification for a renovation/interiors project in the city. And WB Moore didn’t lose any work days.

Then there was the City of Charlotte and its planned storm water project. Tyler 2 and WB Moore coordinated the installation of upgrading the storm water system within our project so the City wouldn’t need to remove and replace any of the recently completed parking lot. They could simply tie into the new system once their project began. Working with a government agency is always simple, right?

A little icing on the cake? We were able to recycle 90% of the demolished materials.

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